Frequently Questions


What is a Youtube Network?

An organization that actively supports the development of online content creators, primarily on the YouTube platform. Partners within a YouTube network receive premium advertisements on their content, as well as features and support that are distinct to each network.


Am I Eligible to join?

We look for passionate Youtubers .We look for Youtubers who have shown a commitment to their channel’s development, regardless of the channel’s subject matter. Although we look for a minimum amount of viewers, subscribers and activity on your channel, we take other factors into consideration, such as frequency of uploading and content that is consistent with the values of our Network. No channels with copyrighted material, no channels that abuse the system or that propagate hateful messages.


As a Partner how do I get paid?

You will be paid on a monthly basis. and All payments to our partners are sent through partner provided PayPal email. We also offer the option to get paid through Bank Transfer or Western Union. The minimum to transfer through PayPal is 1$ and for Bank transfer or Western Union is 400$, Payoneer 20$.


Is there an age limit to become a partner?

There is not any age limit for partners to join the Network. However, if you are underage, you can ask your parents to make required arrangements for you. The money will go to your parents’ account. So, you have to convince them to open one for you. In the case you have a bank account, we can transfer it to your account.


How can I remove a copyright strike?

A strike can only be resolved if the user “Youtubechannel” submits a counter-notification and prevails in that process or, we receive a message directly from the original claimant retracting the claim. Please note that there may be adverse legal consequences on filing a false counter-notification.


How does Yemence promote my account?

Our network is unique in that we have a platform - our website - that receives millions of page views per month at our disposal. We take pride in our ability to feature our partners around the site. On Yemence Dashboard, you’ll see numbers for how many times you’ve been featured. Those numbers represent the amount of time users have loaded Yemence while your content was being shown somewhere on the site.


What happens to my earnings prior to joining the network?

Any earnings made through YouTube without a network will be paid according to the normal AdSense payment routine. When you are officially in the network, you may see your earnings disappear from YouTube Analytics; this is intended behavior, and you will still be paid out any money you earned through AdSense.


How serious is violating copyrights?

Copyright violations are a serious thing. Knowingly violating copyright and not acting about it can lead to serious legal repercussions. When we accept channels into our network, we are essentially accepting responsibility for the content they upload. We need to be absolutely sure that you are not violating YouTube's Terms of Service or any copyright laws.

Still have more Questions?

Submit a ticket or Talk to our Support team, We will be happy to hear from you.